Park Report

 We've been working on our parks this summer. We widened the JJ trail and will be putting larger features and jumps there. We also cleared a lot of trees in Boarderland to allow some more options for riding lines. Get ready for a great year!


Doc Park- Open



2 Small Jumps

Progression Tube

Doc A-frame

Lift Tower Tube

Black Top Box Top




JJ Park- Open

Low Triple Barrel

Tall Triple Barrel

Donkey Rail

Drop Flat Bars

Pipe Dream

Doc Battleship

Long John

Doube Barrel

Medium Jump

Large Jump


Boarderland- Open

2 Mini Hips

3 Hips

Tree Jib

Double Tree Jib


Cottontail- Open

2 X-Small Jumps


Snake Track





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Park Smart Terrain Park Safety Program Messages:    


BASICS: #KnowYourPark from HighFivesFoundation on Vimeo.





Check out these websites for more info on Terrain Park Usage and Terrain Park Safety!