Snow Report

Last Update: 10/18/2018 12:34pm

New Snow Last 24 hrs: "

Base: "

Today's Hours: Closed

Lifts: 12 available


Closed for the season.


* Denotes Trails Lighted at Night (Trails that are not lit close at 4:30)
Easiest Status More Difficult Status Parks/Pipes Status
Bunny* closed East Road closed Cottontail Beg/Prog Park* closed
Schoolmarm* closed Ptarmigan* closed Boarderland* closed
Magic Carpet* closed Badger Bowl* closed JJ Park* closed
Cottontail* closed Coaster* closed DOC Park* closed
  Roller* closed
Easy Out* closed
Debbie's* closed
Manitou* closed
Glades* closed
J.J.* closed
Boarderland* closed
Upper North Wall* closed
Upper Manitou* closed
Ewok closed
A-Wall closed
B-Dub closed
Walzy Way closed
Easier Status Most Difficult Status
Far Out closed Bridge Ridge closed
Homeward Bound closed Narrow Margin closed
Daisy Run* closed Radical Rob closed
Badger Pass* closed P.W. closed
Adele's Alley* closed Screamin' Steven closed
East Ridge closed Cindy Pop closed
Bi-Way* closed Anniversary* closed
Upper Ptarmigan* closed North Wall* closed
Upper Adele's* closed Mogul Monster* closed
Sarah's Smile closed Racer's Edge* closed
Trail 24 closed
Rocky Road closed
Cindy Top closed
Easy Does It closed