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Cascade Kids



Cascade Kids' Learning Program (for ages 4 - 10)

Safety, fun, and the basics of skiing or snowboarding are what we teach in our Cascade Kids program. Trained instructors (who love kids!) will be with your children.

Cascade Kids $60 per session.
Package includes day/night ticket, 3 hours of skiing/snowboarding instruction, helmet rental, and a snack. Cascade Kids with Rental (including helmet) is $99. Reservations strongly recommended. 



**Booking a Cascade Kids session requires full payment at the time the reservation is made.**
**There will be a $10 cancellation fee upon cancelling your reservation.**


Early season sessions tentative on our opening date. Check website, or call to confirm early season dates. 

Common Cascade Kids Questions:

Question: Answer:
How do I determine the ski /snowboard level for my child? You can use the chart below to help you decide, but the instructor can help with that determination at the start of the lesson.
Do I have to stay with my child the whole time? No, just leave them with their instructor during the lesson. There will be a break time in the middle of the lesson, we provide them with a snack and you could visit with them then.
Can I stay near them while they are doing the lesson? We really don't recommend the parents stay with the children. It can be distracting to them, and interfere with the learning process. We do have a lounge area in the upper level of the main building that overlooks the beginner area if you would like to watch from a distance.
Do you have younger / and older instructors? We have both young and older, experienced and certified instructors. 
Where do I go when I get to cascade? As soon as you arrive go to the SNOW SPORTS SCHOOL located in the main lodge building. You can pay for everything there, even the adult's tickets and rentals.
Do I need to fill out any waivers? Yes, the Cascade Kids Waiver. You can find it HERE. Print it out, fill in all the information and bring it with you when you come.
What time should we be there? If you need to rent equipment you should come at least 1 hour before the lesson. If you do not need rentals at least a half hour before is fine. Coming early for the morning session is recommended regardless if you're renting or not.
How many kids are in each lesson?  It depends on the session really, but the cascade kids program tries to keep 4 or 5 kids per instructor.
How do you "separate" the kids? The kids are grouped by skiing / snowboarding ability. 
What if all the sessions are booked? If all the sessions are filled for the day you wanted we have other lesson programs you could chose. Children ages 4-9 would need a private lesson. Private lessons are $60/hour for the first child. If you have additional children that need a private lesson it would be $30 per additional child. Children 10+ can chose either a private lesson or a group lesson. Group lessons are $25 per person.(Reservations are not needed for group lessons.) Private lessons are based on instructor availability.
Who can I contact if I have any other questions? You can send us an email HERE, or call us at 1-608-742-5588.


Weekday Instruction: Please plan to arrive 30 minutes before scheduled lesson time.
Weekend/Holiday Instruction: Please plan to arrive 45 minutes to 60 minutes before scheduled lesson time. Allow time to get your rental equipment.


To save time, please fill out these forms beforehand and submit it upon check-in.
Cascade Kids Enrollment & Release Form


Instruction is held

Weekends and holiday period:10am - 1pm, 2pm - 5pm
Weekdays:  Monday-Friday (non-holiday): 12pm - 3pm


Level 1 First Timer, or can glide and is working on stopping First timer, or can skate and glide
Level 2 Can glide and stop, and is beginning to turn Can skate and glide, and is beginning to turn
Level 3 Wedge (pizza) or parallel (french fries) turning on magic carpet Making single toe and heel edge turns
Level 4 Wedge (pizza) or parallel (french fries) turning on Schoolmarm or green terrain Beginning to link turns



Rental Equipment Limitations

Smallest boot size: Children's 1
Smallest snowboard: 80cm (snowboards should come up the child's chin or lower).

Minimum weight: 22lbs
Smallest boot size: Children's 10.
Smallest ski: 70cm




**Booking a Cascade Kids session requires full payment at the time the reservation is made.**

**There will be a $10 cancellation fee upon cancelling your reservation.**