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Know The Code

The National Ski Areas Association established the "Your Responsibility Code" in 1966 as a code of ethics for all skiers on the mountain. Today, the code reflects not only skier safety but snowboarder and lift safety as well.  Ultimately, safe skiing and snowboarding on the mountain is each person's responsibility. The following Responsibility Code helps all skiers and snowboarders have a safer experience.


Your Responsibility Code

  • Safety on the slopes is everyone's responsibility. Ski safely - not only for yourself but for others as well.
  • Always stay in control and be able to stop or avoid objects.
  • People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
  • Do not stop where you obstruct the trail or are not visible from above.
  • Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, yield to others.
  • Always use devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
  • Observe all posted signs and warnings.
  • Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
  • Prior to using any lift, you must know how to load, ride, and unload safely.



The pass/card being issued is valid for the current season only, remains the property of Cascade Mountain, Inc. and may be revoked or terminated on the breach of any of the provisions of this agreement. I understand that fraudulent use of this pass/card by me and/or others, or misrepresentation of my status making me ineligible for the pass/card I have applied for, will result in criminal prosecution, and is grounds for terminating and revoking the pass/card without refund. Cascade Mountain reserves the right to require identification at any time.


Passes/cards/tickets are non-assignable and non-transferable. I will not allow any other person to use the pass/card at any time. If I do so, I understand and agree Cascade Mountain can revoke and terminate the pass/card without refund. Refunds will be issued only in the event of an injury and prorated. Any unused visits/validations are considered forfeited. I agree that lift tickets may not be resold.


In the event the pass/card is lost, stolen, broken or rendered unrecognizable, I will immediately notify Cascade Mountain. I agree to pay a replacement fee for my Cascade Mountain Pass. All other passes/cards will be subject to a replacement fee. A handling fee, will be assessed for any changes made to passes/cards. 


I understand and agree that any number of conditions, natural or otherwise, may prevent Cascade Mountain  from offering full use of all equipment and facilities. Cascade Mountain does not warrant or guarantee that all of its lifts, terrain or other facilities will be open or available to the public. No refunds, partial or complete, will be provided if any lifts, terrain or other facilities, which I may desire to use, are not open or available. I understand that the purchase of a pass/card/lift ticket does not guarantee availability of rental equipment or lessons.


Ski/Snowboard Rental

If renting equipment, I accept for use as is the rental equipment and accept full responsibility for the care of the equipment while it is in my possession, and agree to reimburse Cascade Mountain for any loss or damage other than reasonable wear resulting from use. I understand I am responsible and will be held accountable for the full retail value of rental equipment if I fail to return it. I furthermore release Cascade Mountain from any liability for damage and injury to myself or to any person or property resulting from the negligence, selection or adjustment by the rental shop and the use of rental equipment by me, accepting myself the full responsibility for any and all damage or injury. I will make no misrepresentations with regard to my height, weight, age or skiing/snowboarding ability.


If renting skis, I understand that the ski bindings furnished are bindings designed to reduce the risk or degree of injuries from falling, and that despite the fact that adjustments have been made, I also understand that the bindings will not release under ALL circumstances and are no guarantee of my safety. If renting a snowboard, I understand that the boot/binding system will not ordinarily release during use, nor is it specifically designed or intended to release as a result of forces during ordinary operation, and it is therefore absolutely no guarantee of my safety.


Cascade Debit/Gift Cards

Terms as stated on back of card:

  • Not redeemable for cash
  • Not refundable or replaceable if lost or stolen
  • *Annual maintenance fee charge on April 1st after 12 months of dormancy
  • Adding value or checking remaining balance can be done at any information window
  • *The use of this card may be subject to additional terms, conditions, or fees; information is available upon request
  • Your acceptance of this card constitutes your acceptance of these terms

Information regarding fee change:

  • *A $10 fee is charged on April 1st after the card has not been used for a 12-month period. (Acceptable by federal law,; and by Wisconsin Law,

General Information Regarding Card Use

  • Cascade Mountain respects your right to privacy and confidentiality. We will only share information:
    • In order to comply with any government agency, court order or other legal reporting requirements
    • Only those employees who need to know any personal information in order to perform their job, or to provide service to you, will have access to such information
    • To auditors or attorneys as needed; or
    • If written permission is provided by the owner of the card
  • This is a prepaid card
  • You should request (and retain) a receipt at the time you make a transaction using your card
  • Cascade debit/gift cards do not expire
  • If you are entitled to any refunds for goods or services obtained with your card, you will receive a credit to your card
  • Each time you use the card, the amount of the transaction will be deducted from the card
  • No fees are charged to buy a card or when money is added to it
  • No fees will be charged once the balance reaches zero
  • Value can be added to this card online at, at the ticket windows in the main lodge at Cascade Mountain, and over the phone at 608-742-5588



Ski, Snowboard, and tube at your own risk. Cascade Mountain is not responsible for accidents. All signs, rules, policies that refer to skiing also apply to snowboarding. Be aware of changing conditions. Natural and manmade obstacles exist. Snowmaking and grooming activities are routinely in progress on slopes and trails. Use caution, ski/snowboard in control and only on designated slopes or trails. Any number of conditions, natural or otherwise, may prevent Cascade Mountain from offering full use of all equipment and facilities at the area. Cascade Mountain does not warrant or guarantee that all of its lifts, terrain or other facilities will be open or available to the public. Snow is our business. We make every effort to make snow during the evening when closed; however, in order to provide sufficient coverage, it may be necessary to make snow during operating hours. Trails or tubing lanes may be closed for various reasons such as lack of snow, snowmaking in progress, racing events, grooming, etc. No refunds, partial or complete, will be provided if any lifts, terrain or other facilities are not open or available.