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Trimming around lift lines was easier (and safer) than ever this year thanks to this beast from @jarraffindustries 😮‍💨

We were able to get years worth of trimming around lift lines done in just a few short weeks thanks to this Jarraff and now we’re having some fun cleaning up the mess with their 4WD Linebacker.
A whole bunch of new guns found their way home this week… 11 to be exact. Only about two months until we’re putting these guys to use!
Well Labor Day weekend came and went (in a hurry) which means it’s crunch time for the Cascade Crew. Would you believe it if I said we’re likely around 80 days until the start of the season? Would you also believe that this isn’t even remotely close to all of the concrete pours that Cody and Layne did this summer?

These projects and many more are going to be wrapping up quickly, so keep your eyes peeled these next few months for some exciting looks at the finished products ✅
Exciting stuff is happening up top this offseason. The Daisy lot is now freshly paved! If you look real close, you might even catch a glimpse of another project we’ve been working on 👀
Pour #1 ✅

The crew has been back at it all month long, getting started on offseason maintenance and projects. Here’s a look at what Cody and Layne have been up to.

The Cindy Pop fence and gate are getting a much deserved update. This will include moving the fence out toward the parking lot, making for more room at the Cindy Pop load and allowing us to set up a more formal lift maze to help with congestion.
“Son of a gun”

We never said boxzilla was going to be easy, but it sure was a good time. 

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped make yesterday’s luau such an awesome day 🤙
A hazy sunrise from this morning ⛅️

We’re starting this beautiful spring day off with 9 lifts and all 48 runs ⛷️🏂
A blue bird day to close out the weekend. We’re starting this morning off with 8 lifts servicing all 48 runs.
This past week gave us 8 inches of fresh snow combined with nightly doses of man-made snow, making for some great conditions these last few days. Unfortunately, tomorrow is looking like a chance of some snow, mixed with up to an inch of rain. In an effort to preserve these recent conditions as best as we can, we will be closed tomorrow, Monday 2/27. We will be reaching out to all who pre-purchased tickets to issue refunds. We plan to reopen Tuesday 2/28 with regular hours and fantastic conditions.
The best time to buy your 2023/2024 season pass is now! Take advantage of up to $120 off on select passes now through March 19th. Becoming a pass holder not only grants hill access, even on sold out dates, but also gives you up to 20% off all Tech Shop services and $1 off all tap beers at the Peak Bar and Daisy Bar.

Check our bio for more info.
A few shots from today’s WHSARA conference race. Congrats to all participants and best of luck at state to those who qualified!
Now there’s some of that snow we were promised ❄️
The video doesn’t quite do it justice. You’re going to want to check out this setup for yourself 👀

JJ is back open today with 3 jumps, a bowl, and 4 rails with more on the way!
Little sneak peak of what’s in store.

JJ will be back open later this week with a setup you’re not going to want to miss 👀
We’re going to be starting the morning off without Mountain Top Express today as it undergoes some maintenance. We should be able to have that wrapped up within a couple of hours so it’ll likely be spinning by early afternoon. In the meantime, JL2, Cindy Pop Express, B-Dub, Schoolmarm, and the Magic Carpet will be open and servicing 46 runs. JJ and Boarderland remain closed as we take advantage of these colder temps to stockpile as much snow in there as possible.

Speaking of snow, these flurries have been just about nonstop since yesterday making for some of the best conditions we’ve had in a while. Might not be a bad idea to use one of those “sick days” and come take advantage of these conditions 👀
Some sights from afar from yesterday’s grand opening of JL2. Thank you to all the friends and family of Jarrard and Justin who were able to come out and commemorate the opening of this lift named in their honor. I’m sure nothing would’ve made them more excited than getting to see you all and take some turns together 🍻
Today’s the day! Hope to see many of you getting your first rides on the JL2 lift today!

Ribbon cutting ceremony will be at 8:45am with JL2 and 8 other lifts opening at 9am.
After yesterday’s successful load test and inspection, we are excited to announce that the JL2 lift installation is nearly complete! We will be building decks at the load and unload along with some of the finishing cosmetic touches over the next few days and may be ready for a soft open toward the end of next week!

Thank you for your patience throughout this installation process. The project took longer than any of us had hoped, but we couldn’t be more excited to have this lift spinning.

Although the weather does not seem like it wants to cooperate with the snow preparations for the grand opening, we will do everything in our power to make it happen. Our hopes are for the grand opening of JL2 to be on Saturday, January 21st at the load of the lift, beginning at 8:45 am with first chair loading at 9 am.
Quite the swing in temperature compared to just a few days ago. We’ve got a mostly cloudy but warm one ahead of us today. 

Ewok will be open and ready for tracks today, bringing our run total to 40/48!

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