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As the video shows, yesterday was a great day of snowmaking. We had guns firing around the clock up until this morning. Unfortunately, that was the only extended window of snowmaking conditions that mother nature gave us this week. The East Side runs got some attention, but not quite enough for us to get them open for the weekend. That said, next week’s forecast looks like things are shifting a bit more consistently in our favor so we’re feeling confident that we’ll have some East Side terrain open by next weekend.
For this weekend, we’re looking at the same 20 runs as last week with a fresh layer of manmade to improve on last weekend’s base. Park Crew pulled last weekend’s set up in Mountain Top Park and is going to get a build in tonight to keep things fresh for you park riders. Check the park report on our website tomorrow morning for a full list of features.
For those wondering about a JL2 update, we’re chugging along, but still waiting on some deliveries. We’re still hopeful that we’ll be able to give you your first ride on the JL2 lift by Christmas, but just for good measure, go ahead and add “JL2 parts delivery” to your Christmas list just in case we need Santa to come through.
We still have tickets available for both days this weekend on our website. Reminder that this weekend’s hours will be 9am-10pm on Saturday and 9am-8pm on Sunday. Bonus days are in effect this weekend for season pass holders, meaning that all season passes are valid all day, both days.
Wow, that was an awesome opening weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out and had some fun with us!
We’re closed for snowmaking Monday-Friday this week and re-opening Saturday December 3rd from 9am-10pm and Sunday December 4th from 9am-8pm. After the weekend, we’ll again be closed Monday December 5th-Friday December 9th to continue to let the snowmaking crew work their magic and get as much terrain as possible open by the weekend of the 10th.
Currently, the snowmakers’ main focus is on increasing the amount of open skiable terrain, including hitting some East Side runs like Cindy Pop. We’ll also be putting some efforts towards hitting Tube Town, which we’re hoping to be able to set an opening date for within the next week or two.
Tickets for this upcoming weekend are now available for purchase on our website. Tickets for the following weekend and all other currently unavailable dates will become available as we’re able to set our hours and pricing based off the amount of open terrain. Bonus days will still be in effect this weekend for our season pass holders, meaning that all passes are valid all day, both days.
Lift tickets for opening weekend and all dates between December 23rd-March 5th are available for purchase now! All other dates will be added as we’re able to set our hours of operation for the bookends of the season.
While you’re grabbing your tickets for this weekend, you might notice that things look a little different. That’s because we just launched our brand-new website and we are (or at least I am) very excited about how it turned out! Since we launched this morning, we are still in our active post launch phase, which means we’re working to improve things like load speed and mobile responsiveness. These improvements will be made ASAP.
A few great days of snowmaking under our belt and more solid days ahead of us! Thanks to the hard work of our crew, we’re ready to get things rolling.
We’re opening Saturday November 26th and Sunday November 27th from 9am-4:30pm. Tickets for opening weekend will go on sale Monday the 21st. Pricing will be determined after the next few days of snowmaking, which is when we’ll have an accurate idea of the amount of terrain that we’re looking at. Bonus days will be in effect for opening weekend meaning that all season passes are valid. Whether you have a Platinum or a Bronze, come spend opening weekend with us!
While we don’t have an exact run count at the moment, we are expecting to open with around 19 or more runs, including North Wall, Manitou, Ptarmigan, Badger Bowl, and Adele’s Alley. If you see a snowmaker on opening weekend, give them a high five because the amount of coverage that they’ve been able to crank out in about a week is impressive to say the least. Expected lifts will include Mountain Top Express, Schoolmarm, Bunny, and Magic Carpet. Check back later for an update on open terrain and lifts.
After opening weekend, we’ll be closed Monday-Friday and re-opening on Saturday December 3rd. Hours TBD.
Cross arm install on JL2 🏗
After a stretch of permitting and shipping delays, here’s an update that many of you have been waiting to see! Towers 1 and 2 of our JL2 Lift were installed today and the remaining towers will be going up over the next few days. Once all towers are installed, cross arm installation is next up along with the return and drive stations, followed by the haul rope.

Checking off some of these bigger tasks is giving us a good idea of what our timeline is looking like on this project and we’re currently on pace to give you your first ride on the JL2 Lift in mid-December. An official opening date for JL2 will be announced as soon as we’re able to set it in stone.
Looks a little weird without a lift, doesn’t it?
Down goes the haul rope!

We’re starting to say our final goodbyes to the mogul monster lift and getting ready to welcome in our newest chairlift!
Keep it coming ❄️
Sliding into the weekend 🤙
What’s better than taking some turns on a Friday morning?

Yeah, I couldn’t think of anything either 🤷‍♂️
A beautiful Friday night under the lights ⛷
Some morning movement in the base area.

We got about 4 inches of snow last night and some beautiful, sunny conditions on our hands today.
Piles have been pushed and shelves have been made.

All 48 runs are now open!

JJ is currently ride through only. Park crew will be doing some builds and getting features in there before you know it.
Laying down some tracks in the trees.

Our newest run, Emerglades, is now open.
Well, Mother Nature isn’t being as kind as we had been hoping for. We’re still making snow every chance we get (guns were still blazing until about noon today). Due to the unkind snowmaking temperatures,  this weekend’s hours are going to be 9am-4:30pm Saturday Dec 4th & Sunday Dec 5th.

We will continue to be focused on maintaining and improving the base that we’ve built on the 19 runs that we had open and adding as much terrain as possible for the upcoming weekend.

Tickets for this weekend are now available for purchase on our website. We will continue to update our online ticket availability as we determine future operating hours. A reminder that daily ticket sales are limited this season and online pre-purchase is required on weekends and holidays and is highly recommended on weekdays. Bonus days will remain in effect for pass holder meaning that all season passes are valid this Saturday & Sunday. Tube Town opening date is not yet determined.
“When are you closing?”

“How’s the snow?”

“Goggle tans, right?”

These questions and more answered at the link in our bio. Please take a moment and give it a read so you can know what to expect for the remainder of the season.
Pond Skim recap from last weekend’s Cascade Meltdown

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