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The sun is back out for another great day of skiing, snowboarding, and tubing ☀️

Come take some laps ⛷️🏂
The C-Box was the dream crusher of many in last year’s Boxzilla. What will be the problem section this year? Find out Saturday March 2nd at the Cascade Luau 🌴

Full event details at the link in our bio.
This year’s Cascade Luau is shaping up to be another fun one! Join us Saturday March 2nd for a jam packed day of spring skiing, good vibes, and plenty of chances to win prizes 👀

Here’s a look at a few of the day’s events and activities 🥥 Full event details at the link in our bio. 🌴
If your skis aren’t riding like they used to, we can change that! Come see for yourself at the Tech Shop 👀

The Crystal Glide Finish 5 step tuning process is designed to get skis and boards restored to manufacturers original condition or better with the help of our Montana Challenge (and some service techs that are REALLY good at what they do)!
Whether you’re looking for some routine maintenance, a binding install, or a midseason mishap repair, our Tech Shop has got you covered 🛠️

A stop in to see these guys can get your skis and boards riding like new ⛷️🏂 Located across from the Sport Shop in the rental building.
The quest to expand terrain continues on the mid-east side. Between recent snowmaking efforts, tomorrow’s forecasted snow, and VERY cold temps rolling in at the end of the week, that run count is really going to start climbing in the near future ⛷️🏂
Miss last nights fireworks? We got you covered 🎆

I started the new year watching snowmakers fire up a whole lot of guns and drove in this morning to see a whole lot more ❄️ Conditions have been rapidly improving with no signs of slowing down! Check the forecasted temps if you need a little boost to get you going this morning 🥶😍
The wait is over! Our NEW ski-in, ski-out Day Cabins are ready for guests and ON SALE NOW!

These heated 9’x12′ cabins comfortably seat up to 8 people indoors (more if you’re willing to squeeze) and come finished with additional deck seating and outdoor firepit, PLUS your own reserved parking and storage for all your belongings! You rent it, and it’s yours from hill open to one hour before hill close. 

Link in bio for more details and cabin reservation.
We’re entering about the 36th hour of this continuous mid-east side snowmaking push and it looks like we’ll be carrying the momentum until at least Wednesday 💪 The focus has been expanding terrain and improving on what already exists. We’ll have a clear picture of what terrain we expect to add for the weekend in a day or two.
Speaking of the weekend, this Friday 12/15 is going to mark the start of full, regular season hours!
Tickets for this weekend and any currently unavailable date will become available for purchase on our website once we know what terrain we’ll be working with. Bonus days will be in effect Friday-Sunday, meaning all of our season passes will be valid from open-close all 3 days! Early season bonus days will be ending after the weekend so take advantage while you can ⛷️🏂
Back at it from 9a-8p for some more early season laps ⛷️🏂

Once again, we’re ripping with 20 runs and 5 lifts. Expect firm and fast conditions this morning after last night’s temperature drop 🥶 

Today’s another bonus day for pass holders! All of our season passes are valid from open-close. Yes, even if you used it yesterday 🤘
JL2 views from a few days this week 👀

19 runs and 4 lifts, including the JL2 lift are waiting for you tomorrow morning ⛷️🏂
That’s more like it! Snowmaking is back in action ❄️

Plus a little glimpse of something new to welcome you in 🤩
Another beautiful sunrise to close out night #2 of snowmaking 🌄 

Tickets for the 2023/2024 season are LIVE! Head on over to our website to secure your lift or tubing tickets for any date between 12/26-3/3. Tickets for all remaining dates will become available for purchase as we’re able to set our early and late season hours.
Yesterday: Man-Made ❄️
Today: Natural ❄️

‼️Reminder‼️ Today is your last day to secure your season pass at a discounted rate! Season passes will be increasing to full price tomorrow so take advantage of the discounts while you still can!
No more hunting for tables at lunchtime if you’ve got one of these. In fact, we’ll even bring lunch TO YOU. Coming this season, our brand-new ski in, ski out day rental cabins. It’s a new home base for your whole crew! These cabins comfortably seat up to 8 people indoors and will come finished with additional deck seating and outdoor firepit, PLUS your own reserved parking and storage for all your belongings! You rent it, and it’s yours from open-close.
We’ll also be launching our new mobile food ordering service in tandem with the cabins. Place your order from anywhere on hill and we’ll bring your food right to your cabin. Mobile ordering only available for day rental cabins.
More details, pricing, and cabin reservations will become available on our website in a few short weeks!
Okay fine, I’ll finally answer an age old question. “Do you mow the runs???” Yeah, it’s just not what you’re expecting.

Technically we have this machine on site to mulch tree limbs, but we might as well hit the rest of the brush while we’re at it. Heck of a lot faster (and cooler) than our normal fall mows with skid steers and mulching heads.
Trimming around lift lines was easier (and safer) than ever this year thanks to this beast from @jarraffindustries 😮‍💨

We were able to get years worth of trimming around lift lines done in just a few short weeks thanks to this Jarraff and now we’re having some fun cleaning up the mess with their 4WD Linebacker.
A whole bunch of new guns found their way home this week… 11 to be exact. Only about two months until we’re putting these guys to use!

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