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    What are your hours of operation?

Cascade's regular season hours are 9am - 10pm Friday and Saturday, 9am - 9pm Sundays and 10am - 9pm Monday - Thursday.


    How much is a lift ticket? / Cost of a ticket?

The best deal at Cascade is kids 12 and under ski free with a paid adult or junior. Unaccompanied children 12 and under pay junior price. Please see the Tickets and Passes section for more complete information.


    Where should I eat / get food?

There are a few choices when it comes to food at Cascade Mountain. There is the Peak Cafe, located upstairs in the Peak lodge, which offers burgers, fries, snack foods, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, chips, drinks, specials and lot's more.

The Peak Bar is a great place to grab a drink after a long day on the slopes. Chat with the friendly bartenders, check out the slopes from the large panoramic windows, or sit back and enjoy the 2 flat screen TV's in our smoke-free bar.

The Snackbar is located in the lower level of the Peak lodge, and serves a variety of hot and cold foods, hot and cold drinks, as well as quick munchies and other goodies.

The Daisy is located on top of the hill, has a full cafe and bar, restrooms and is open on weekends and holidays. Some of the best views of Cascade Mountain and South-Central Wisconsin can be enjoyed while grabbing a bite to eat or a drink at the Daisy.

Don't forget the Coffee House in the Chalet, featuring Starbucks Coffee, cookies, muffins, fresh-baked goodies, a fireplace, and great views.

There is an outdoor food area open on busy weekends and holidays, which serves hot dogs, pulled pork, chips, and drinks.

Hours of operation at all food service locations may vary.


    Is the Tube Town open when the mountain opens for the season? / When can I snow tube?

Cascade Mountain's Snow Tube Park opens when we either receive enough natural snow or temperatures get cold enough to make snow. The Snow Tube Park usually opens at a later date than the ski slopes. Please check the Snow Tubing section of our website for more information on when snow tubing will open.


    How old / tall do you have to be to snow tube?

We do not currently have age or height restrictions in place for snow tubing. It is up to the parent/guardian of the child to determine if the child can safely tube alone or if they must be accompanied by an adult.


    Do you have lodging on premise? / at Cascade Mountain?

Although we do not have lodging on-site at Cascade Mountain, there is a wide variety of hotels, condos, and even an indoor water park within short driving distance.Please check our Lodging page to see what will meet your need.


    How long is the longest trail?

The longest trail at Cascade Mountain is called "Far Out", a beginner cruiser trail that takes you past old growth forests, waterfalls, rock formations and more scenic terrain. It is 5,300 feet long, or just over a mile. Adele's Alley, also a beginner trail, is about a mile long, also.


    What are your mountain statistics?

Base elevation is 820 feet.
Peak elevation is 1,280 feet.
Vertical drop is 460 feet.

We are on 175 acres.
The average annual snowfall is between 50-56 inches of natural snow a year.
We have 100% snowmaking coverage of our trails.
There are 12 lifts including 2 high speed detachable quad chairs, 2 fixed quad chairs, 3 triple chairs, 2 double chairs, one tow rope, and two Magic Carpets (one at TubeTown).
There are 47 trails open to skiing and snowboarding that break down as follows: 38% beginner runs, 24% intermediate runs, and 38% advanced runs.

    Do you have terrain parks?

Yes we do, with some of the most exciting and progressive features, rails and more in the Midwest. Our Doc Park is the most popular park at Cascade Mountain, boasting upwards of 22 rails at any given time. We have also added a beginner/progression park on our Cottontail Trail that will feature all sorts of new features to learn and perfect your techniques before moving up to the larger stuff. The beginner/progression park will be lift serviced as well so you can save your energy for the jumps and rails (and falls). See our Terrain Parks page for more info.

    How far are you from....?

Wisconsin Dells - 20 minutes
Madison - 30 minutes
Milwaukee - 1.5 hours
Wausau - 2 hours
Rockford - 1.5 hours
Chicago - 2.5 hours
Springfield - 5.5 hours
Green Bay - 2.5 hours
Appleton - 2 hours
Oshkosh - 1.5 hours

    Where are you located?

Cascade Mountain is located between Madison and the Wisconsin Dells on Interstate 90/94. We are 15 to 20 minutes south of the Wisconsin Dells and 30 minutes northwest of Madison. Please see the Getting Here section of the website for directions.

    Do you have special rates and hours for holidays?

Yes, Hours and Rates can be found here.

    Do you have a kids program?

Yes. The Cascade Kids program is a ski and snowboard program designed for children ages 4 - 10. It provides children with the opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard - or to improve their skills - all while having fun with our instructors who are trained to work with young children. The package includes day/night ticket, three hour skiing/snowboarding instruction and a snack. Helmet is included for the session, rental equipment can be added for $39. Reservations are recommended.

Cascade Kids Information

Don't forget that most kids love snow tubing. It's perfect for the whole family and requires no lessons or experience, just the desire to have fun!

    How many trails do you have?

Cascade Mountain has 47 trails. We have something for everyone with a wide variety of beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails.

    What is your address at the ski resort? / What is your contact information?

Cascade Mountain
W10441 Cascade Mountain Road
Portage, WI 53901

Local Number: 1-608-742-5588
Fax Number: 1-608-742-7669
Contact Us

    Do you have a night ticket?

Cascade has a "closing" ticket. This ticket costs $29 dollars and is available 5 hours before we close for the night.

    How much is Snow Tubing? / Cost of Snow Tubing?

All snowtubing prices can be found here.

    Do you have season passes? / How much are season passes?

Cascade offers a wide variety of season passes, with more options for the customer. Passes are available for purchase year-round online or over the phone. Season Passes come in many different varieties, from ski all winter every day with no restrictions to one ticket per week. Cascade Mountain hosts it's annual season pass sale every spring, with amazing discounts.

Click Here to view the Season Passes

    When is it too cold to ski?

If you're dressed for the weather and come inside to warm up, you can enjoy outdoor sports at most winter temperatures. When skiing, snowboarding, or snow tubing, wear loose fitting layers with thermal or silk long underwear next to the body. A wind resistant, waterproof jacket and pants will block the wind and keep water out keeping you much warmer. Most of the body's heat loss is through the head so a warm winter hat is necessary. A turtleneck, neck gaiter, or scarf helps keep wind from blowing down the neck and helps to keep the face warm. Goggles protect the eyes from wind, snow, and ice. One pair of polypropylene or warm wicking material socks are preferable for the feet. Too many layers on the feet will not keep them warmer, as they need room to move and breathe. Mittens are warmer than gloves as they use body heat to keep your fingers warm together.

    What is wind chill and how does it affect me?

Wind chill is the effect of wind and temperature on exposed skin as expressed in terms of temperature in still air. Dressing properly, covering exposed skin and protecting eyes with goggles will allow you to ski or board when the wind chill drops.

Values of wind chill below -10 degrees Fahrenheit are considered bitterly cold. Values of wind chill below -20 degrees Fahrenheit are extremely cold -- human flesh will begin to freeze within one minute!

    Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservations are strongly recommended for the Cascade Kids program, especially on weekends and Peak Periods (holiday periods). There is no need to make a reservation for adult group lessons. Reservations are not required to ski, snowboard, or snow tube unless you are an organized group of 15 or more and want to receive a group discount.

    How much does it cost to park?

There is no charge for parking at Cascade Mountain.

    Can I park my car, RV or Camper overnight?

The front gate is locked at night at Cascade Mountain and we do not have overnight parking facilities. If a vehicle is left in the parking lot overnight it may be plowed in or towed to another location. If a vehicle has broken down in the parking lot arrangements can be made to leave the vehicle overnight, although it may still be plowed in.

    Do you have cross country trails? / Do you have snowmobile trails? / Do you have snowshoe trails?

Cascade Mountain does not offer cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling. Please call the Wisconsin Department of Tourism at 1-800-432-8747 for more information on these winter sports.

    Do you offer childcare?

Cascade Mountain does not offer basic childcare.

Don't forget that most kids love snow tubing and this winter sport, perfect for the whole family, requires no lessons or experience. Just the desire to have fun!

    Do you serve food?

We have six food and drink locations at Cascade Mountain. The Peak Cafe and Bar, Snackbar, Daisy Cafe and Bar, Coffee Shop, Tube Town, and Outdoor Hot Dog Haven. All serve a variety of hot and cold food and beverages, and fresh-baked desserts. Hours of operation may vary at all food service locations.

    Do you have lockers available?

Yes. We have lockers available in all of our buildings.


    What is your Drone Policy?

Out of safety concerns for our guests, employees and resort property, Cascade Mountain prohibits the operation or use of unmanned aerial systems, or drones, by the general public without prior written authorization. This extends to any drones launched outside of resort boundaries. Please call if you have any questions or seek authorization to operate drones. Any violation of this policy my involve suspension of your skiing or snowboarding privileges, or the revocation of your season pass, as well as confiscation of drone equipment equipment, and may be subject to damages as well as regulatory fines.


    Do you have an app?


We’re excited to announce that Snowledge is the official app of Cascade Mountain! Snowledge is the only app you need on the mountain, and it’s free. Use GPS to get real-time resort info, track your day on the slopes, and easily find and locate your friends and family. Snowledge is Powder!