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Cascade Mountain Ski and Snowboard Service
Tuning is our winter specialty, done by certified technicians that care for your equipment. Cascade Mountain tune-ups are catered for each individual to compliment the style, skill, and terrain usually skied or boarded. If you have never been asked about how you ski or ride, your skill, or the terrain you ride, you've never had a proper custom tune. Your equipment will feel like the day you bought it after a proper tune! 



If you find yourself frustrated by catching edges, have no bite on hard snow, or see damage on your base, it's probably time for a good tune at Cascade's tech shop.


MONTANA Challenge robotic tuning machine.

Montana Challenge


"Crystal Glide Finish" is a recognized quality label.

MONTANA's Crystal Glide Finish is a 5-step process specifically designed for servicing skis and snowboards: Step #1, base repair, Step #2, running surface stone grinding, Step #3, side edge sharpening, Step #4, base edge beveling, Step #5, waxing and polishing.  With this 5-step method, skis and boards can be perfectly restored to the manufacturers original condition, or even better!  In addition to recreational skiing and riding, Crystal Glide Finish technology is also used at all racing levels, from local club level through World Cup and for all disciplines including alpine, nordic, ski and boarder cross, and free ride. Shops throughout the world using "Crystal Glide Finish" are factory trained and continuously updated by MONTANA and awarded with the Crystal Glide Finish seal as an Authorized Dealer.


Be sure to check out our newly added tune and wax discount cards!

MONTANA Basic Tune (Belt Stone and IR Wax) $60.00
NEW! Montana Basic Tune 10 Pack Card $480.00
NEW! Montana Basic Tune 5 Pack Card $240.00
MONTANA Race Tune (Basic Tune + Structure + IR Race Wax) $80.00
NEW! MONTANA Race Tune 10 Pack Card $640.00
NEW! MONTANA Race Tune 5 Pack Card $320.00
Add-on Full infrared Race Wax Treatment (With Race Tune) $25.00
Sharpen $10.00
Infrared Wax $20.00
NEW! Infrared Wax 10 Pack Card $160.00
NEW! Infrared Wax 5 Pack Card $80.00
Infrared Race Wax $30.00
NEW! Infrared Race Wax 10 Pack Card $240.00
NEW! Infrared Race Wax 5 Pack Card $120.00
Binding Installation $30.00 
Binding Adjustment $10.00
Binding Calibration $20.00 
P-Tex Repairs $10.00 (Minimum)



Ideally, this should be done every 2 or 3 times you head to the hill. Waxing will help improve control, glide, and the overall feeling of skiing or snowboarding. Bring your equipment on in and let us wax it for you!




The latest race proven waxing technology with the highest requirements for far better gliding and protection properties. Any wax on the market can be applied to the bases. Without any direct ski contact or temperature shock the WAX FUTURE  glides at variable speed over the base and allows the wax to penetrate deep into the polyethylene base. The application is independant of the outside temperature (no condensation as normal when using the iron). Wax saving compared with conventional wax methods is up to 90%. Based on an optimized wax application you will get a higher wax penetration and absorption which results in long lasting gliding capacity of the ski and snowboard bases especially with hard waxes. The even distribution of the temperature over the whole ski leads to a homogeneous wax penetration.

Any wax can be applied
The application is independent of the outside temperatures (no condensation)
Higher wax penetration and absorption
Wax saving up to 90%
Highly improved gliding capacity that lasts much longer


R off B Acewax Buff Waxer


Acewax Buff Waxer

This Machine will apply our standard "Buff Wax" 


Skis & Snowboard End of Season Tips

Bring your skis or snowboard in to Cascade Mountain's tech shop and have them prep your equipment for its off-time in your basement, so that they feel like they did last year even after it sits in the corner for 6 months.