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Experience More Control, More Confidence, and More Fun!

The Rossignol Experience Center will make your visit easier, more comfortable, and more fun than ever before. Our new Rossignol equipment is full of technologies proven to speed up the learning curve, fast track your progression and help you make effortless breakthroughs. 


Experience Package

All Day  $45  -or- Night  $32

This user-friendly, all-mountain ski features Auto Turn Rocker for award-winning versatility and ease of use in all snow conditions, for all skier types. 
The EXP board fast-tracks the learning curve and boosts rider progression, making snowboarding easier, more intuitive, and more fun for every skill-set and riding style.



Sport Package

All Day  $69  -or- Night  $44

Choose between our Experience & Temptation skis.


They offer high-definition power and versatility, blending the heart of a high-performance carving machine with smooth, playful and accessible all-mountain performance. 

Based on the Sawblade board design, the EXP3 offers versatile all-mountain performance with the right blend of power and playfulness for fast-tracked progression.


Prime Package

All Day $119  -or- Night  $79

The Pursuit skis bring excitement to the hardpack for those committed to carving smooth, clean turns down the fall line.  
Our Hero skis have racing in their blood. Powerful, precise, and perfectly balanced, these carving machines deliver full-throttle, race inspired downhill performance.